YouTube SEO in 2019: The Complete Guide to Ranking Videos on Top

Most of the people love to watch informative videos instead of reading long articles about the same. In this continuously evolving field of internet, YouTube has created its tremendous reputation. As compared to any other online video platform, YouTube is widely preferred by its billion users.

Due to an increase in its popularity, it is not easy now to rank the video on YouTube as it was in earlier times. But, there are certain methods which can help us to rank our YouTube videos very easily. Below are some of those things which you can also follow easily if you want.

YouTube Keyword Research

Similar to the search engine rankings, YouTube ranking starts with the proper keyword research. Whenever you search for anything on YouTube, it starts to give us the related search queries for those keywords. You have to get ideas from there. Once you did that, you must confirm the competition by seeing the total number of search results given along with the search results. Once you find the most appropriated keywords, create an attractive video and use them in the title, description, and tags.

Create Indulging videos

Watch time is everything on YouTube. If people are watching your videos for the longer periods and each of your videos has worked well on this platform, your upcoming videos may also work well. So, it is required to make high-retention videos to make people stay on your videos for longer periods.

Video Optimization

Once you finished adding your keywords into the title and descriptions, you must add it inside your video too. You have to say the most relevant keywords appropriately in your video. YouTube will better understand what you are saying in your video. So, adding the keywords will help you to rank better for the related search queries.

Promote your videos

Keep sharing your new and old video on social media and other online platforms like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will increase your reach and also gives a positive signal to YouTube about your channel’s authenticity.