Top 12 Crucial Google Ranking Factors in 2019 to Achieve #1 Spot

Google keeps changing its search engine algorithms due to which the ranking factors also get affected. With this changing online world and increased competitions, it is required to have a good online reputation.

Search engines are good to do this effectively. If you have a good search engine ranking for all the keywords related to your business, you can easily get your desired number of sales and highly productive customers.

But, to get the number one position on the search engines, you must take care of every important thing which can improve it. Here are 12 crucial things which can easily improve your search engine rankings when you use them properly.

  • 1.  Your websites should be secured with HTTPS
  • 2.  The content on your website should not be spun and of high quality
  • 3.  The website must have a mobile responsive design
  • 4.  The website must have a fast working along with clear user interface
  • 5.  Your website should load at a fast speed
  • 6.  Your website should have the most relevant and high-quality backlinks
  • 7.  Social signals are also important to achieve good search engine rankings
  • 8. You must focus on doing good keyword research
  • 9.  Proper use of structured data
  • 10.  The website must be easy to crawl for the search engines
  • 11.  The content should be user-friendly and posted regularly
  • 12.  Last but not least, the website must have good social signals.

By following all these things, any type of website can rank number one on Google. All these things will become possible when you pay your close attention and all the efforts for the improvement. The results may take time to show up but taking care of these factors will make your website highly popular on Google.

Along with these things, take care not to get into spammy optimization techniques. Stay away from shady link building techniques, spun content, broken pages/links, etc to get the most out of the Google for your business. If you do all these things effectively, you will see the most satisfactory results in very less time.