A Definitive Guide to Mobile SEO in 2019 (That You Can Easily Follow)

In all over the world, more than 50 percent of internet searches are done using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The mobile searches are dominating the search engines too.

The biggest search engine Google has made the mobile-friendliness one of its main parameter for getting decent search engine rankings. When it comes to SEO, it means to optimize our websites for ranking better on mobile devices. This could be done easily by increasing the website responsiveness.

So, we can say that this thing is easy to achieve when we start working on it from the initial development stage of a website. There are some other factors which are known to affect mobile SEO in 2019. These important factors are given below.

To check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, Google has given us a reliable tool known as Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test (https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly). You can use it anytime to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Increase mobile Site speed

When it comes to the rankings, each search engine loves the fast and responsive websites. Makes sure to check your mobile site speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool and increase it if the results are not enough satisfactory. This tool will also suggest some methods to increase site speed.

Make the content easy to read

The search engines will detect each aspect of your website when ranking for mobile devices. If the fonts or the images on your website are not easy to read or they are not well-organized, you will never get good mobile rankings. Consider redesigning your website if this thing is causing the issues. You will also get notifications in your webmaster dashboard if this thing is causing the issues.

Use Amp Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a leading method used by the developers and SEOs to support a good website growth on the search engine. This technology drastically improves the site loading speed and gives positive signals to the search engines about its efficiency. It is confirmed that the AMP pages always works well for the mobile searches as compared to the normal ones.