How to Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search (Step-by-step Guide)

In this advanced era of internet and technology, everyone is finding the most convenient ways to do everything. Same things apply to the searches we generally do on the search engines.

Instead of searching for queries manually, most of the people are using the voice searches to find the desired information, products and services on the internet. So, along with various other search engine ranking factors, voice search optimization has now become a major demand for the businesses. It helps the people to find the information quickly and easily but it is increasing the difficulties for the businesses.

Only some of the pages are ranked for these queries. Decent rankings are given to those who have all the parameter fulfilled which are set by the search engines for the voice searches. Here is the list of things you can do to make your website friendly for the voice searches..

Use long-tail keywords

Instead of using precise and small keywords for optimization purposes, you should always use long-tail keywords if voice search optimization is your core objective. People search for long queries generally of three or more than three words. So, when you use the long-tail keywords along with questions, it becomes possible to rank for those voice searches very easily.

Reduce Page loading speed

The search engines will consider using the pages for the voice search results which are more responsive and quicker. Having a decent page loading speed helps the search engines to provide fast and effective results to their users. So, this must be your consideration too to make your website fast and responsive.

Use Structured data

Structured data is the code used by the search engines to better understand a website. This code is generally added in the HTML mark-up. Using the structured data, we allow the search engines to crawl our website and its all the pages easily and effectively. So, if someone wants to optimize the website for the voice searches then it is necessary to give good signals to the search engines which can only be done with the structured data.