How to Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords (Step-by-Step Guide)

Long Tails keywords generally mean longer search queries. Long-tail keywords are intended for ranking on bigger search queries for our businesses. As compared to the shorter search queries, long-tail keywords give us increased conversion rates and very less search engine competition.

It is not tough to rank for long-tail keywords but the user volume is very less one these keywords. Due to this, most of the businesses ignore these keywords without noticing their effectiveness for our business enhancements. You might have heard about these keywords if you are active in the SEO field.

The main problem comes when we try to find these keywords for our businesses. There are some effective ways to find the long-tail keywords for any business which we are going to know below in this article.

Using the search engine itself

Lots of keyword planner tools are there on the internet but the easiest and effective one is your search engine. You can try using Google or any other search engine to find the long-tail keywords using its suggestion feature. When you search for any query, Google will suggest you the related long-tail keywords for the same. Copy the most appropriate one for your business and use them as your long-tail keywords after confirming the available traffic, competition, etc.

Using Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best methods for finding the long-tail keywords until now. It is available for everyone to use for free. You just have to open its main interface and search for the main query related to your product, service or the business which you want to promote using the long tail keyword. Click on Get results and it will show you each related query along with its competitions and total monthly search volumes.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another major tool which will help you to find out the long and short tail keywords along with their futuristic trends. It will help you to find out the keywords in different industries very easily. Also, it is absolutely free to use.